Moulding and Accessories

Kelleher distributes one of the widest selections of moulding and trim products. Due to the differences in architectural design in various regions of the West, We have developed a moulding mix to best represent these unique markets. Please select a region where you live. Those living near a separation line may find a mixture of both Northern and Southern styles. To view the complete line of Kelleher products, choose among the following catalogs listed below. If you have any questions regarding this service, please email us at Thank you.


You can view our moulding products online by clicking the image below or this link, and select region, application, dimensions, etc. 

You may also download our various print catalogs by visiting our Catalogs for viewing and printing offline.  More Catalogs are available on our  Catalogs  page.

The following are some design related publications that will help you plan your project.